A Spiritual Guide
23. Listening to the Voice of a Spirit .jpg
Listening To The Voice Of A Spirit

She silently calls to you as she turns in your direction, and you answer.
But you didn't even realize she was there.
The light shines, highlighting her silhouette
And you recognize her as a
Spiritual Guide to Salvation,
But only the worthy are rewarded.
She stands tall and awaits whatever is on the other side.
Sacrificing herself to help you find salvation.
Transporting between realms takes from her soul and adds on to yours until there is nothing left of her.
She is a shell of a person, a martyr.
The spirit gods from above sent her down to play with the mortals,
And help the lost find their way to the promising entrance of the unknown.
Only to leave a ghostly impression of what once was.

-Alexis Polcyn (10th grade)