Rev Beach Said Stay Away.jpg
After visiting Renee Stout's exhibit, "Tales of A Conjure Woman" I had already picked my favorite piece of the exhibit. That in itself was a very hard task. Each piece more unique that the next. I was immediately drawn to, due to the story that the picture emitted. I immediately wrote a poem that describes the history I created for the piece. After reading my poem, I had the urge to collage. This is, obviously, not a common urge for teens of the 21st century. Collage is one of my favorite "mediums" of art. It is the recycling of art, without actually recycling. The hunt is almost as fun as creating the final product. Scouring magazines and newspapers for that perfect picture, word, or quotes. The collage created for my response is very colorful and graphic. The drawings and writing are childish looking, and meant to look so. The center image is a detailed pop-art image of someone biting their lip. It is hard to describe each piece of the collage because every piece is meant to represent a feeling that I felt was hard to portray in my own words. --Isabel Beeson

Cigarette Smoke and Palm Readings
Her swollen cranberry lips curve into a sarcastic smile
a finger of death nestles comfortably between her lips,
as poisonous smoke curls from the glowing end.
Her belligerent disposition makes strangers look twice
some stopping to verify their consciousness.
The gritty smell of paint settles onto onlookers tongues,
the spray paint warning still fresh against the stucco wall.
Her legs swing back and forth, a pendulum like motion.
Gradually swaying closer towards the message.
The chalky scratch of her skyscraper heels hitting the wall, can be heard around the block.
Smog drifting through the air,
the sultry smell of fresh gumbo pushing through the buildings.
The public competition between car horns completes the scene.
A small chuckle escapes her lips as the conservative mothers hurry their children past.
She slowly slides down the wall,
blurring the cautionary decree.
--Isabel Beeson