Forgive Me an Ekphrastic Response to The Wishing Bean

Forgive Me
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You took me down to the river,
placed the wishing bean in my hand and said:
"Say the name of the man you most desire,"
And I said yours, loud and clear.
But I only did it because you wanted me to.
I was impulsive.
Forgive me.

You told me you loved me
And I said back,
But I didn't hear you
And the way you said it.
I was insensitive.
Forgive me.

You promised until death do us part
And I vowed.
But I didn't really mean it
The way that you truly did.
I was flippant.
Forgive me.

So when death decided to do us part,
You died with the belief that I loved you.
As you took your last breath
And our tragic love story ended,
For the smallest moment,
I was relieved.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
--Isabelle Luckie (10th grade)