Click on the link beneath the artwork image to read the student's ekphrastic response to the work of art by Renee Stout.

"A Wish Of My Own" by Clarissa Lippert
Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 9.08.18 AM.png
Wishing Bean
"Forgive Me" by Isabelle Luckie
23. Listening to the Voice of a Spirit .jpg
Listening To The Voice Of A Spirit
"A Spiritual Guide" by Alexis Polcyn

Rev Beach Said Stay Away.jpg
Black 9 and Fatima

"Cigarette Smoke and Palm Readings" By Isabel Beeson
See Line Woman.JPG
See Line Woman
"This Bone Disaster by Emma Drobina"
The Rootworker's Table.jpg
The Rootworker's Table

"Reverie" by Blake Farrell
The Reading of the Shells.JPG
The Reading of the Shells
"Chaos" by Elayna Gleaton
Three Erzulies, Calling
"Rib" by Nickolas Hoffman
caged heart.jpg
Caged Heart

"The Girl Who Didn't Love" by Savannah Seeber
36. The Good Mother (I Peeped Your Demons series).jpg
The Good Mother
"The Mother" by Emily Aysse
13. John_Bentham_Stout_419_IMG_3229.JPG
Three Jars with Roots and a Heart
"Foreign Heart" A Short Story by Jessica Baynes
4. John_Bentham_Stout_125_IMG_7922.JPG
House of Chance
"Live At The Crossroads" by Megan M.